As a former dancer, I was quick to recognize the expertise in the instructors and choreographers at IGNITE. We live in Cle Elum, so the decision to drive an hour each way for my daughter to take classes here was a big one, but also a no-brainer!
This is my daughter’s 2nd season with IGNITE and she is still just as excited and maybe even more excited than when she started! My daughter continues to be inspired by the teachers and her fellow students. She looks forward to class every day!
Many times I will wait in the studio for my daughter’s class to finish and as I wait, I can see into 3 different dance rooms and watch the students and the instructors teaching the classes. I can’t help but notice the teachers’ passion and enjoyment they have working with these kids and how excited the students are. And It is the same for each level and every age!!! I can see how much time, energy and thought these teachers have put into their classes, their choreography and with each student. It is so neat to watch the growth and confidence these kids gain throughout the season! They dance with so much joy and passion!
The camaraderie in the studio has been absolutely amazing! I see the older dancers chat with and hi-five younger ones in passing as they go to their classes at the studio. The biggest surprise for me was how extremely welcoming, helpful and supportive the other parents and students are! It’s crazy awesome and something I didn’t expect!! There were parents and students that we hadn’t even met that were cheering for my daughter during performances and complementing her afterwards! It’s so heart warming! Ignite is truly something special and we feel so blessed to be part this IGNITE family! – Misty Favero, Cle Elum

IGNITE Dance & Yoga is the epitome of a small business creating a sense of community and embracing the role mentoring students! There is a perfect balance of business and mentorship, and this shines through in all that happens at IGNITE! Highly recommend for your dancer! – Elissa Puckett, Sammamish, WA

IGNITE Dance and Yoga provides a supportive and fun environment for learning and loving dance. Their focus on technique, artistry and community has helped my son grow as a dancer and as an individual. We are extremely grateful to be a part of the IGNITE family. – Lisa Whitcomb-Wiess, North Bend, WA

IGNITE has provided my daughter an amazing experience throughout her teen years. She joined IGNITE at 13, having had very little dance experience. She was taken under wing by IGNITE teachers, parents and peers. She learned the meaning of hard work, the value of team work and how to grow and become a better dancer and ultimately a better person. I watched her blossom from an inherently shy person to a strong and confident performer. IGNITE provided her a nurturing, challenging and safe environment where she could explore her creativity, meet life-long friends, create wonderful memories and have lots of fun. – Tracy Lynn, Sammamish, WA

This was my daughters first year in competitive dance. The staff at IGNITE have been extremely helpful and supportive.  I love the overall vibe and focus on doing your best and supporting your team members.  There’s nothing better then going into the dressing room and seeing 3 team members helping my daughter with her hair and costume! – Shelley Smith, Snoqualmie, WA

We came to IGNITE and quickly learned that the love, trust and feeling of family was clearly evident and like nothing we’d ever been a part of. My daughter knows that each of the instructors and choreographers care about her in a deep and meaningful way. She feels supported and uplifted and has grown in amazing ways, both as a dancer and as a person. We’re so thankful for our IGNITE family! – Kristi Jenkins, Sammamish, WA