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Tuesday MAY 26

730am - All Levels Yoga - Krista (Sub for Bre)

945am - Barre - Tammy

945am - All Levels Yoga - Krista

530pm - All Levels Yoga - Josephine

Wednesday MAY 27

630am - All Levels Yoga - Krista

9am - Zumba - Gentry

945am - All Levels Yoga - Josephine

4pm - All Levels Yoga - Kira

Thursday MAY 28

730am - All Levels Yoga - Danielle

945am - Barre - Tammy

945am - Yin/Yang Flow (all levels) - Jamie

530pm - All Levels Yoga - Stephanie

Friday MAY 29

630am - All Levels Yoga - Erin

9:45am - NEW CLASS!! Broadway Fit (45 min) - Stephanie

945am - All Levels Yoga - Josephine

4pm - Slow Flow into Restorative (all levels) - Danielle

Saturday MAY 30

9am - All Levels Yoga - Krista

945am - Zumba - Lisa

Sunday MAY 31

9am - Yin/Yang Flow (all levels) - Krista/Bre

Monday JUNE 1

630am - All Levels Yoga - Erin

9am - Zumba - Gentry

945am - All Levels Yoga - Jamie

4pm - Yin Yoga - Jamie



Yin/Yang Yoga:

Yin/Yang flow blends two styles of yoga into one practice.

Yin is a slow, quiet practice of longer held floor poses that are deeply nourishing.  These passive, long holds open up the body to more flexibility and energy flow.  The yang is more active and where we build heat, strength and stamina.  This part of the practice will have rhythm and repetition like vinyasa flow.

Slow Flow into Restorative Yoga:

Are you feeling beat up at the end of the work week? Need a way to wind down but need some one to guide you through it? Join our Friday relaxing flow/restorative mix. You'll start with about 45 minutes of slow flow to warm your body before moving into 30 minutes of longer held restorative postures.  This class is designed to help you stretch out the areas of your body that tighten up from stress, while also providing you with time to fully relax.  It's the perfect way to finish the work week and move into the weekend!